Welcome to Iskatel

Orienteering Club ISKATEL-Moscow announces the opening of the official page of the club on the Internet at the address: https://www.iskatel.org. More detailed history you can read here.

Opening of the official page of the club on the Internet is timed to the anniversary of the club. The authors and creators of the site congratulate the club’s managers, coaches, athletes and their parents on this event!

Sport orienteering is a rapidly developing sport combining a competitive cross-country track-running, cycling, skiing-with thinking activities aimed at finding specific points on the terrain with a map, a compass and various specialized orienteering techniques.

In any weather, orienteers in the forest are fleeing in winter and summer! Going on vacation, speaking at competitions in Russia and in foreign countries., The children learn about the world and geography on their own experience, grow up healthy, strong, beautiful people. In the constant search for the most difficult and interesting sports routes on the personal accounts of the pupils, hundreds of kilometers of running and skiing, along forests and mountains, along rocks and swamps with a compass and a map, appear unnoticed. And our paths lie from Moscow to the Khibiny Mountains, the Ural and the Carpathians, from the Moscow Kremlin to the Kremlin in Veliky Novgorod, from the Tsar’s chambers of Petrodvorets to fairy castles in Krakow, from the geological museums of Kirov and Gornozavodsk to the amber museum in Klaipeda …

The orienteering club ISKATEL-Moscow was established on September 30, 1985. The club’s permanent managers are:

Slobodnik Sokol Gershevich – professional geodesist with 30 years of experience, graduated from the Institute of Physical Education.

Bortnik Elena Vladimirovna – physiologist, Ph.D., since 1993, has switched to pedagogical work.

Among our pupils – a place of sports of the international class, masters of sports, candidates for the master of sports and sportsmen-arresters. Many of our sportsmen are part of the combined teams of Moscow and Russia.

Now the sports orienteering world – and on the pages of the Internet! You can get acquainted with our club in more detail. Here – all our news, the results of competitions and fees, travel reports, photos, achievements, events, plans and so on. You can leave your wishes or complaints in the guest page. You will be able to communicate with orienteers and not only on the pages of the forum. You can send us any message by e-mail, ask questions to coaches and sportsmen of our club.